7 Pockets Wall-mounted Felt Planter Bags Indoor Outdoor Plant Grow Bag


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7 Pockets Outdoor Indoor Wall-mounted Planter Bag

There must be so many plants that you want to plant, but balcony or garden are not enough space. This wall-mounted planter bag can help you to solve this problem. It can be hung on handrail and wall to save space. Suitable for Family garden, Balcony garden, Household decoration, Greening projects, Garden nursery production.

Material: felt
Color: black, green, grey
Size: 27x108cm
Pocket: 7
Using way: wall-mounted

Easy to hang from any location
Strong and plant-friendly-quality felt material
Excess water will automatically drain/soak through felt material
Soft felt, lightweight design for easy movement and hanging
Hangs on hooks at either top corner, or a timber rod, like a picture
Hang it at "easy reach" height for adults or childern
Four pockets to grow a variety of plants
Soft-sided, breathable and modular
No complex hydroponics or container-stacking

How to Use:
1. Simply hang on hooks on the wall.
2. Add three quarters of nutrition soil and water retention agent.
3. Put seedlings in it.
4. Water the plants regularly.

Package Include:
1 X 7 pockets planting bag

hanging plant bag


Color Black, Color Green, Color Grey


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